The Breakup Poem: For When The Walls Come Crashing Down

White Walls
I was born in a room with white walls

White ceiling

Linoleum floors

Antiseptic smell

Conceived in a new house

With white walls

With strong trees

White walls
I grew up in a room with pink walls

White ceiling fan

I picked the colors

Made the bed

Wouldn’t sleep in it

Read all day

Leaning against magnolia trees

And pink walls
I learned to cry in a building with green walls

And white walls

Fluorescent ceilings

Murals and stories

Desks and books

I left for a building with cinder block walls

And smashed glass ceilings

Green walls
I fell in love in a room with yellow walls

And purple walls

A wooden ceiling

A green bed

No door

He didn’t knock

The floor was knocked out from under

No walls
The walls should have been red walls

No ceiling on emotion

No ceiling on lies

Framed nightmares



Another bed I wouldn’t sleep in

Red walls
I’m laying down now with no walls


Intrepid in the universe

Stars for a ceiling

Sunrises for walls


No walls


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